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Some of the most beautiful parts of northern Illinois can be found in McHenry, a vibrant city with a lot of advantages to offer visitors and residents alike. It’s location in the Chain O’Lakes region makes it especially attractive for residential and commercial development as more and more people see it as a wonderful place to live, work and play. McHenry has long attracted people who were seeking something more from life, and thanks to the city’s modern amenities, residents can enjoy life as they pursue their dreams.

The best part about McHenry real estate is that there is such a range of sizes, prices, floor plans and locations to choose from. Home buyers who are tired of seeing the same old properties that don’t appeal to them will be excited to see the homes for sale in McHenry. There are lots of reasons why home buyers are putting McHenry real estate at the top of their search list.

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The population of McHenry is approximately 27,000 residents and it is located in McHenry County. The communities that surround McHenry include Lakemoor, Bull Valley, McCullom Lake, Johnsburg, Wonder Lake, Woodstock, Fox Lake and many more. The major roads that link McHenry to the rest of the region include Route 120 and Route 31. It lies primarily to the west of the Fox River, and its nickname is “The Heart of the Fox” because it occupies a lot of the riverside land on both sides. McHenry is just 55 miles from Chicago, making it easy for city-dwellers to visit this lovely area for recreation. It is linked to the big city by commuter rail and public bus services.

The amenities in McHenry are top-notch and it’s no wonder that residents really want to stay here to live their lives. The public schools for the city’s smallest residents are outstanding, and are managed by McHenry Elementary School District 15 and McHenry High School District 156. The McHenry Public Library offers continuing education and events for residents of all ages. The downtown area includes the Riverwalk and many shops and restaurants for residents to enjoy. Police and fire departments in McHenry focus on safety and security for all. There are lots of amenities that residents really can’t find anywhere else, making McHenry an ideal place to live.

There are lots of things to see and do in McHenry. Residents can have fun at the Merkel Aquatic Center, Petersen Park Beach, McHenry Country Club, McCracken Athletic Field and more. Other fine parks include Petersen Park, East Bench Park, Pheasant Valley Park, and Miller Riverfront Park. Other attractions in and near McHenry include Moraine Hills State Park, Indian Ridge Park, McCullom Lake, Wonder Lake and Benwell Conservation Area. All this and more are waiting to be explored when residents of McHenry decide to get out and see it all.

Home buyers who are willing to look at the homes for sale in McHenry are going to find that they simply don’t have any desire to look elsewhere. There are lots of things for home buyers to like about buying McHenry real estate, and having such a range of styles to select from is a big factor. When home buyers want to get the best property for their money, they know that McHenry real estate is the right choice.